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Who We Are

FrobTek, a Local Vermont Startup, helps small and medium businesses take the guesswork out of Technology. Think of us as your outsourced 'in-house' IT department. We can service your existing deployment of technology, consult on an overhaul to bring your company up to date, or be an active participant in and with your future technology implementation; all while staying on top of new and emerging technology and making recommendations for your business to consider.
You and your business is good at what it does, now let us help you make technology work for you!

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IT Consulting
Your outsourced 'In-House' IT department. On a Per project or regular service basis, plans can be structured to fit your company's exact needs and budget.
Newest Technology
Our job is to stay on top of new and emerging technologies, so you don't have to. Hear about something that just came out that intrigues you? We'll look into it and give you a report about its pros and cons for your business.
Wev Site/App Dev
FrobTek develops professional, impactful WEBSITES as well as WEB APPLICATIONS to fulfill clients' gaps in serviceable technology and software suites.
24/7 Support
Every Service package comes with anytime phone support for basic level troubleshooting.
Cloud Integration
We here at FrobTek specialize in tying your hardware, software, and mobile devices together into a seamless cloud-based system, to help your business operate at higher efficiency.
Additional Services
Over the years, FrobTek has built a professional network hosting a myriad companies that we partner with. If we don't explicitly perform a specialized service, we will most likely be able to recommend someone who can.